Soda or Pop? Sprinkles or Jimmies? Crawfish or Crawdads? Pork roll or Taylor Ham? Different words have different meanings all across the U.S. The popular Thanksgiving dinner side dish is also one of them. A recent survey for wanted to specifically see if people preferred the term "stuffing" or "dressing" for that delicious brothy Thanksgiving side dish and if the term varied by state. This was done by looking through data from Google Trends to find out where on Thanksgiving people are coating their dinner with what they call "stuffing" or "dressing." revealed that from the trends found, stuffing came out on top as the most popular way to refer to the dish. To be exact, 36 states leaned towards calling it stuffing, with only 14 states choosing to call it dressing. The top ten stuffing-loving states are all over the country. With Maine up at number one, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Montana, Alaska, and Oregon coming in 10th. also found that the top ten dressing-loving states happen to be mostly southern states. Number one goes to Mississippi, followed by Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas and finally, Kentucky. The south has got their own vocabulary it seems.

Another term for the side full of bread, veggies, and broth is filling, but none of the 50 states chose this as their favorite way to refer to the side this way. All in all, filling, stuffing, dressing, whatever you may call it, have a delicious and a Happy Thanksgiving!!


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