Summer is a great time to go to the beach and relax…right? Be careful, don’t get TOO relaxed. Many people take advantage of the laid back atmosphere on the beach and use it as a time to steal money, keys, and any other valuable personal belongings.
Daylight view from top to tourist belongings
Credit: Thinkstock
One way to conceal your personal belongings is to use a water or iced tea bottle with a false bottom. Your keys, money, and jewelry will be harder to find when they are not in plain sight. It is also recommended to sit by the lifeguard where there are more bystanders around to watch for any sight of stealing. Also, putting the strap of your beach bag around your leg or chair while taking a nap will deter anyone from going through your possessions.
These tips aren’t only for the beach! The locker room at the gym is one of the top spots for people to steal valuables. Investing in a small fanny pack to wear while working out will keep your money, keys, and jewelry on you at all times so that they cannot be taken. If using a fanny pack isn’t for you, try hollowing out your deodorant and sticking your valuables in there. Nobody’s going to steal your deodorant!

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