Somewhere in your lifetime, I am sure you have wished or are wishing that you could be on stage with your favorite artist just singing your heart out.

There is this young lady from Doylestown, PA that was able to live one of her many rock star dreams. According to Bucks County Courier Times, Brynn Kremer was pulled on stage to have a nice memorable jam session with the band Green Day.

We learned from Buck County Courier Times that Brynn Kremer and her dad had a sign that said, "She's 14 and Plays Guitar" while at the concert. That simple sign did the work and got her on stage. The band members handed Brynn Kremer a guitar and she seemed like a natural up there.

At least that is what her parents are saying.

Brynn Kremer's mom told Bucks County Courier Times that she has to give a lot of credit to the School of Rock for Brynn's success on stage.

The interesting part about her being brought up on stage was that this was Brynn Kremer's first rock show ever. At least that is what the sign said that she was holding at the Green Day show at the Citizens Bank Park.

According to BuckCo.Today, Brynn Kremer was not too nervous while on stage. Brynn Kremer said, "I realized I was in front of all these people, but that didn’t seem to bother me much."

Let's be honest, many people would probably just freeze and completely forget how to play the guitar, or at least that would happen to me.

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