I freaked out when I saw the headline that Dunkin' Donuts may be getting rid of donuts! But then, I read it again and it said that they are just thinking about getting rid of the donuts on their signs. Phew!

Last summer two stores in California and Massachusetts, were built and their store front signs only said Dunkin' not Dunkin' Donuts so people began to wonder if this would be a global thing. Now, about 30 stores in Massachusetts and a bunch in New York City have store front signs that only say Dunkin', so is it a New England thing? Well, a spokesperson said that it's part of a re-branding initiative. So, most likely, we will be seeing stores everywhere just say Dunkin' on their storefronts. The spokesperson also said that inside the stores will change as well.

Hey, as long as they are not actually getting rid of their donuts, I think their in good shape!

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