Happy National Coffee Day, all!

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It's impossible to speak for everyone, but if you're someone that doesn't need at least one cup of coffee during the day, then you are, truly, a unicorn. You can't even speak to most people and have a productive conversation until everyone involved is caffeinated. Again, of course, not everybody can be placed in that box. To those of you who can't, all of us, the coffee-obsessed, salute you. However, today is a marvelous day for those of us who are reaching for the coffee pot less than 10 minutes after getting out of bed.


We've put together a list of all places coffee-lovers can score themselves a free cup of coffee today! This should put a little pep in your step, and not just from the caffeine. While it's true, you're probably in need of another pick-me-up at this point in the day, you should probably stay tuned and keep reading so you don't accidentally wind up paying for it.

Three retailers specifically will apply to all of you residing in Jersey as well as the Philly suburbs of PA. Also, who said you're only allowed to enjoy one free cup? On National Coffee Day, you indulge in as many free ounces you can get.

Don't worry, New Jersey, we included Wawa.

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    Starbucks is offering guests a free cup of their brand new Pike Place Roast blend coffee of up to 20 oz. Here's the catch, though. In order to score this, you must bring with you a reusable cup that, obviously, doesn't hold more than 20 ounces. They'll fill it for you not only in celebration of National Coffee Day, but of Starbucks' 50th anniversary, as well.

  • 2

    Dunkin' Donuts

    If you're a member of Dunkin's rewards program, DDPerks, you can score yourself a free hot or medium beverage with any purchase.

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    Okay, so maybe McDonald's doesn't exactly belong on this list since they're not exactly offering free coffee, but they do have a deal currently where you can get coffee and their app for only 99 cents.

    We figured it was worth mentioning.

  • 4


    Purchase any baked good at 7-11 and you'll score yourself a free cup a' Joe.

  • 5

    Burger King

    Contrary to McDonald's, Burger King absolutely deserves a mention on this list. All you have to do to score a free coffee from Burger King is to make a purchase via the Burger King app.

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    Last, but certainly not least, is Wawa. Wawas all over South Jersey, PA, and Delaware are offering free coffee all day.


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