For some people, the taste of the coffee and the price weren't the only reasons they preferred Dunkin' over Starbucks.  There is a group of coffee lovers that think their java tastes better and stays hot longer when it is in a foam cup.

Unfortunately, foam cups are bad for the environment.  According, that's why in 2018, Dunkin' made the decision to start phasing out foam cups. says that earlier this week, Dunkin' announced that by December 1, "double-walled paper cups would replace all foam" cups in New England Dunkin's.  After that, the change would roll out to Dunkin's across the country.

Dunkin' Boston tweeted about the end of their Double Cups.

  For the most part, Twitter users were okay with the change.  


  But there were a few naysayers...    



Earlier this year, reported on the Hoboken, NJ City Council unanimously passing an ordinance that banned the use of single-use Styrofoam products.

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