For the most part, New Jersey is full of a lot of strip malls, regular malls, and shopping centers that offer a large amount of parking.

However, there’s one parking lot in New Jersey that has officially taken the cake for being the most frustrating parking lot in the entire state.

I’ve traveled to a lot of different towns and counties throughout New Jersey and I have to say, this specific parking lot in Mercer County, New Jersey has to be the one that gives me the hardest time when pulling in and out.

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First off, I want to say that I visit this parking lot often because not only is this Dunkin location the very best in the entire county in my opinion, but it’s also home to Varsity’s pizza which is fantastic. The only thing that isn’t fantastic is trying to get in and out of this under-15-spot parking lot.

Maybe I’m lazy, but I’m a huge fan of the ‘pull through’ method when getting out of a parking spot which is when you can drive through the spot in front of you and be on your way.

No matter where you park in this front parking lot, you have to back out of your spot with very limited room and it always ends up being a little hectic. It’s a popular strip of restaurants and stores, so there’s always someone trying to either pull in behind you or pull out of their spot at the same time, and sometimes it can be a little much.

If you aren’t a fan of parking in this lot, my best advice is to turn down the road right after the building and park in the back lot!

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