Dunkin' has new DIY Donut kits to make your Dunkin' donut time at home more fun, according to Dunkin's Facebook.

The idea started out in California when a Dunkin' employee asked her boss if she could bring home some plain donuts, frosting, and sprinkles, so her nephews could have fun decorating their own donuts because they were bored due to the Stay at Home order. At that moment, a lightbulb went on in the owner's head. He realized that this was a great way to keep kids, and everyone entertained during this challenging time.

A Dunkin' Press Release says the Dunkin' store in Concord, California was the first one to put the festive Dunkin' DIY Donut Kit together, and now Dunkin' locations across the country are following his lead.

What's in a Dunkin' DIY Donut Kit? You'll get 4 plain donuts, 3 flavors of frosting (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), and 3 different kinds of sprinkles (chocolate, rainbow, and it looks like maybe seasonal sprinkles), so you can have some decorating fun.

If you're local Dunkin' isn't doing this, you may want to suggest they start. People all over are leaving these kits on the front porches of their friends and family's houses. If you do it, make sure you leave a note on the box that say, "You've been Dunk'd." Lol. Isn't that super cute? I want to do it. I'll deliver them all over town.

I know there are lots of local bakeries doing decorate your cupcake kits, and many local pizza places are doing make your own pizza kits. All of these ideas are great ones to have a little bit of bonding time with your honey or your family. Plus, you can't deny it...they're fun.

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