Now that Pumpkin Spice Latte season is here, Dunkin’ has released their New Pumpkin Munchkin Lip Balm duo’s to make your mornings that much sweeter. Yes, they are packaged just like the famous munchkins in the signature white boxes. That sounds fun and interesting, right?

Dunkin’ told POPSUGAR that they will be releasing the balms in cities that start with the letters in the word “pumpkin.” Oh wow, even more fun, but there is one bad thing about all of this. Dunkin' didn't use NEW JERSEY as a select city/state to spell "pumpkin." The cities that are going to be selling the lip balm and spelled out pumpkin are; Providence, RI; Upperco, MD; Marietta, GA; Pleasant Hills, PA; Kissimee, FL; Indian Trail, NC; and New York.

These lip balms rolled out in select locations on Aug.14. Again, unfortunately none of those locations include New Jersey. *sigh*

Here is something you should know. The lip balms go for $5.99, but mentioned that people are reselling them on Ebay for about $15, which is crazy.

While we haven’t tried them yet, Delish reported that the orange one has a strong marshmallow-y scent while the white balm smells even sweeter. Would you spend $6 on lip balm? Our intern Daniella said that if Starbucks came out with lip balms she’d rather be all over that instead. Do you agree?

If you can’t get your hands on the munchkin ones don’t you worry. Dunkin’ also offers a lip balm duo on its online store. It includes two coffee cup shaped lip balms in Cinnamon Bun Swirl and Pumpkin flavors. Name a better duo for the cold season..we’ll wait.

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