Before you're confused, I wanted to fill you on why the Eagles will be wearing their home jerseys while they're on the road, in New Orleans, this Sunday. It's pretty funny, actually. According the Eagles Wire, the Saints coach, Sean Payton, lost a bet to Eagles coach, Doug Pederson, back in March, while they were playing golf, so the Eagles get to wear their home gear in New Orleans (The Saints will be wearing their "color rush" uniforms, which are all white, with gold numbers and helmets), and Sean, and his Saints, had to make a donation to charity in the winner's city. From what I've heard, the Saints made a $5,000 donation to the Austism Challenge in Philadelphia. That wasn't the only bet during that round of golf. They also bet with each other's city food on the line. Sean Payton lost that one too, and sent the Eagles beignets, coffee, and some other New Orleans cuisine. Yum. Go Eagles.

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