Phillies fans all across the country have been waiting for this week all season long. The Phillies are leading the series 2-1 right now and the city of Philadelphia is just an electric place to be right now.

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There are parties in every bar on game nights, everyone’s dressed in red and Phillies fans from all over are showing their pride at all times. We all know that Phillies fans are some of the most die-hard fans in the entire world, but they may have just made baseball history.

I was scrolling online early this morning and saw that there was an update from @BucksPAWeather on Twitter saying that there may have potentially been an earthquake in Philadelphia last night, but this wasn’t because of Mother Nature.

Apparently, the fans who were at Citizens Bank Park last night were jumping and screaming so much that literally registered on the Penn State University Brandywine seismograph station that an earthquake had hit Philadelphia.

Coincidentally, the two times that an “earthquake” hit the city were at the exact times of both Bryce Harper and Alec Bohm’s home runs.

You can’t make this stuff up! Phillies fans were literally shaking the earth! Let that sink in.


You can’t say that any other fans have ever been this dedicated to causing “earthquakes” right?

The Phillies swept the Astros last night, 7-0 and we’re hoping for another win tonight! I’m going to tonight’s game and when they pull off another win, I’m preparing for the earthquake!

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