A small earthquake just rocked parts of Ocean County, NJ on Wednesday (June 9).

The USGS reports that a small quake hit just outside of Tuckerton, NJ just before 8 am. It was a 2.4 magnitude quake, they report.

94.5 PST's Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow tells us it was a relatively weak quake.

But he notes that it could have been strong enough to cause some shaking in the area. We 've seen some comments from residents in Southern Ocean County who say they felt it too.

The earthquake occurred at a relatively shallow depth of just over 3 miles -- meaning it wouldn't have been too strong. But several residents have used the USGS's reporting system to say they felt the shaking.

In fact, one report says the shaking was felt as far away as Trenton. Did you feel it? I can tell you that here in Ewing, NJ, we did NOT feel the quake.

The good news is that no damage has been reported, and in fact, a quake of this size typically results in only very light damage, the USGS says.

And while earthquakes in our area aren't too common, they do happen more frequently than you may have rearlized.

NBC10 dug into the data, and they report that it was the fourth reported quake in New Jersey within the past year.

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