I'm sure you've seen by now the viral video of an Easter bunny getting in a full blown-out fight on the side of the street. Literally a man was in a bunny suit and was punching a man like his life depended on it. Well it turns out, the man who was inside the bunny suit is a wanted man in New Jersey!

The man's name is Antoine McDonald. He is a 20 year old man from Franklin. McDonald is wanted in connection with a South Brunswick car burglary last year. Well he was bar hopping in Florida over the weekend with some friends to celebrate Easter, hence the white bunny costume.

Apparently the fight started because a man spit on a woman and a brawl broke out between the two of them. According to McDonald, he only jumped simply to break up the fight. However, allegedly the man started getting on top of the woman and that's when McDonald laid a few punches on him.

The police arrived on the scene soon after, but no arrests were made. McDonald is being praised all over the intent for his act of heroism. However his criminal records from at least three states tell a different story.

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