I would say about half of us went through an emo phase when we were younger, and half of those people are still in it. It's me. I'm still in my emo phase.

Of course, in High School and Middle School, I would live in Hot Topic at the Quaker Bridge Mall and try to prove to everyone how edgy I was. It was a lifestyle.


Since the Millennials and Gen Z kids who normalized "emo" are old enough to club, Emo Nights have been taking over the internet and every major club in different cities.

Something really exciting happens a lot in Philly and if you share the same emo nostalgia feelings as I do this will resonate with you.

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Emo Night is happening once again at Moshulu in Philadelphia this March and you need to start getting all of your emo friends together!

This trend has taken off since everyone has been posting their experiences in various cities on TikTok and I have to say, Philadelphia’s emo nights always look like they’re the most fun.


Everyone usually dresses up in their old Hot Topic band T-shirts and shows up to listen to the songs that remind them of their childhood like Green Day, Paramore, Evanescence, and more.

The next emo night at Moshulu is happening on Saturday, March 9th starting at 10 pm and will go on until 3 am. You can buy tickets online now, so don’t procrastinate because these sorts of events do tend to sell out.

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