Smiling young woman kayaking on a lake
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A local nonprofit is sponsoring a lake clean up to preserve Lake Afton in Yardley, PA next month.

I love this because it's a way to get out doors and enjoy the beautiful picturesque views of this Yardley gem, Lake Afton, while doing something great for the community.

So here's the deets on what's going on.

Local nonprofit, Friends of Lake Afton put together this awesome idea for a lake clean up. They're basically sponsoring Boat Rides at Lake Afton where you'll get to take a fun, affordable canoe or paddle boat ride and help persevere the lake.

So, they've set a few dates aside for this event, April 13th and June 8th and you can catch the rides between 12p-4p.

Like I said, it's super affordable too. Only 5 bucks.

I think this would be a super cool idea for a cute date or just something fun to do with the family. says, "Friends of Lake Afton is a civic nonprofit with the mission to restore, improve, protect and maintain Lake Afton and the public areas surrounding it for the public to enjoy."

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