According to their Facebook Page, Erini restaurant in Ewing is having a special to raise some funds for Clean Ocean Action which is a New Jersey Shore based organization.

The Clean Ocean Action is an organization based in Long Branch New Jersey and their goal is to improve water qualities in New Jersey and New York.

So how can you support the Clean Ocean Action? Just walk into Erini restaurant from now until July and order a Tito Rita. A Tito Rita is made with Tito's vodka, triple sec, fresh sour, and served with a lime over ice. Once you order that $2 will be donated to the Clean Ocean Action. Erini is fantastic, so I'm sure you can find something on the menu to enjoy with your Tito Rita.

I grew up going to the Jersey Shore every single summer and even on the off season since my Grandparents owned a house in Toms River on the water and then another house beach block in Seaside Heights. My love for the beach and the ocean run deep.

My heart breaks when I hear about how much pollution is in our oceans and how many animals are dying because they are either swallowing too much garbage or they get tangled up in garbage. Innocent animals should not have to suffer like that.

I always make sure my family does their part in not littering, recycling, reducing our plastic use, not using plastic straws and always cutting our plastic can holders before we toss them in the trash or recycling. Too many animals get caught inside those and die.

We can all do our part in keeping our oceans clean and keeping our marine life safe from harm. We've gotta work together.

Stunning Pictures of New Jersey Beaches to Screen Shot

Memorial Day weekend is almost here. People call it the unofficial kick off to summer, and I know I cannot wait until Friday to head down the Parkway to the Jersey Shore.

There's something about the beach and the ocean that just soothes people. When I used to have a bad day, sometimes I'd just drive down to see the ocean by myself.

So if you're having a stressful day or week, or whatever. Hopefully these photos of Jersey Beaches and the Ocean from professional photographers bring you some peace.

Feel free to screenshot and take them.

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