The "polar vortex" is arriving with winter's full wrath tonight. So you may want to catch a fight to escape the bitter cold. We were talking about it in the office today and started pricing how much it would cost to escape RIGHT NOW.

Wanna go to Florida? You're in luck. We found a flight from Trenton to Orlando for just $29 tonight. Hope you can buy a ticket at the rate at the gate. Of course, a $29 flight means limited leg room and no real amenities on the plane.

But you'll be going to Orlando where it's warm, right? Oh, crap. It's actually only 53* in Orlando right now. The low tonight is forecasted to be $46. So that bargain may not be worth it after all.

If you can't fly out tonight, don't worry. Flights for that route are only like $69 later this week. The northeast's cold weather is here until the weekend. So you'll still escape winter's wrath.

Want something more tropical? Well, that's going to cost you a bit more... or maybe a LOT more.

You can get from Philadelphia to Nassau for just about $400 tonight (with a few layovers), according to a search.

Wanna get to St. Thomas tonight? That's just 16 hours in the air and about $800, according to our search.

The trip to Cancun (where it's currently 77* and sunny) is only about 7 hours and costs just around $500 we found.

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Temperatures are expected to drop to a low of just 2 degrees overnight Wednesday night and only a high of 18 degrees during the day on Thursday.

So maybe those prices aren't too much to pay to escape?

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