If there's one thing you'll miss about the summer here in South Jersey, it's definitely going to be all the delicious food that you can enjoy so easily when spending a day on the boardwalk.

Honestly, do you realize how lucky we are to live somewhere with a) multiple boardwalks and b) something unique about each one? It's just an added bonus that you can always find something (or somewhere) good to eat while walking up and down them. Sure, the boardwalk food here in South Jersey is delicious, but it's also pretty unique.

For example, have you tried that new place on the Wildwood boardwalk that's offering pizza in a cone? It's called Kono Pizza and is located at the far end of the boards right before it turns into Wildwood Crest. This place seems to be pretty awesome, too. Most people that have tried it can't stop raving about it. That's not an exaggeration, either. You can check it out for yourself. Look at the Google reviews and you'll see that most people have nothing but wonderful things to say about their experiences there.

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The crust comes from Italy, along with the inspiration for many of their dessert options. People are obsessed with the idea of pizza in a cone, but their spin on the tradition slushie called "granitas" sound pretty delicious, too! They offer flavors like piña colada and limoncello, so you know they'll be refreshing after a hot walk on the boards.

After watching a video featured on the On The Bandwagon Youtube channel, what really captured my interest was the funnel cake fries on the menu. I've been coming to the Wildwoods for almost a full three decades now, so I've had my share of funnel cakes. But funnel cake fries? Can't say I've ever seen them before. The ones in this video had both powdered sugar AND Nutella drizzled on them, so they look pretty hard to resist.

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

Source: Youtube

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