Here's a reminder for all the crazy kids heading to the shore this spring and summer!

Remember last spring and summer in Wildwood, New Jersey? It was a frustrating experience for many boardwalkers, beachgoers and law enforcement - because of misbehaving, disruptive, unruly teenagers.

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They had to put a law into place more specifically as an outcome of the wild events that took place Independence Weekend in 2023.

There were swarms of unruly juveniles gathering on the boardwalk, failing to disperse their large, loud groups. They were also starting riots, getting into criminal mischief and making it just about impossible for other people and families to enjoy. And the obnoxious behavior would get well into the night. So the City of Wildwood had no choice but to put a new law into place:

“We have been witnessing unprecedented lawless acts by juveniles in recent years, yet the state laws have taken the control away from the police. This new law puts the authority back into the hands of our police department to ensure the safety, not only of our community, but also of the teens themselves,” said Mayor Pete Byron. 


Wildwood's curfew is still in effect!

The new rule that was implemented last year will remain!

The ordinance states that "juveniles (under 18 years old) must be off public streets and out of public spaces by midnight and until 6 a.m." If they're going to be out, they have to be accompanied by a parent of guardian.

If wild, unchaperoned shenanigans are being had, law enforcement is entitled to give two curbside warnings. After the second warning, the teen is subject to having a stationhouse adjustment and up to a $1,000 fine.

You can check out the full ordinance HERE.

Be warned, be safe and have fun!

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