Summer is right around the corner! Are you getting excited yet?

Whenever May hits, I can't help but think about all of the things I'm ready to experience once again here during the beautiful summers in South Jersey. Plenty of trips to the Wildwoods are always a must.

Families flock to the Wildwoods because there really is something for everybody there. Your teens will be entertained. You're little ones can enjoy the rides and the waterpark, and there are plenty of fun things for the adults to do without the kids, too. Not to mention, there are PLENTY of beaches to choose from.

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One of the best aspects of the Wildwoods is not having to pay for beach tags. Could that change sometime in the future? Sure. The beaches are still free for the summer of 2023, though.

Wildwood kids both young and old are raring to go and enjoy another summer. Of course, there are specific experiences in Wildwood that we all absolutely MUST do if we plan on spending any time down there. Sure, they may differ from family to family. I can assure you this, though, when asked what are some of the most beloved family traditions while vacationing in the Wildwoods, almost everybody answered with a food or restaurant.

1.) Mack's Pizza

This one's pretty obvious. So many people are loyal to Mack's Pizza on the Wildwood boardwalk. Some people get a slice every single day while on vacation. If you're not loyal to Mack's, then you're probably a fan of....

2.) Sam's Pizza

If it's not Mack's it's Sam's. Nine times out of ten, people are loyal to one of those two pizza shops. They're the go-tos.

3.) Douglass Fudge

You can't go to the Wildwood boardwalk and NOT get fudge! Everybody LOVES Douglass!

4.) Curly Fries

If you're getting fries on the boardwalk, you can bet they're from Curly's. One of the best snacks you can have after getting off a roller coaster.

5.) Vegas Diner

Is your trip to the Wildwoods complete without stopping at a diner for breakfast? Tons of people rave about Vegas Diner and say it's their main spot for breakfast on Saturday morning when they first get down there.

Let us know some of your favorite Wildwood traditions!

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