We've all experienced this feeling on at least one occasion: The heart-sinking feeling you get when you realize... you've lost your wallet. Or, the contents in your wallet.

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True, most of our vital materials and sensitive information are kept on our handy dandy cellphones. Today, we're able to pay by tap and automatically disable our credit cards from our phones, so losing your wallet may not be as much of a crisis as it was before smartphones. But it's still panic-inducing.

Sure, there are things that you should always have handy in your wallet - like your driver's license or ID in the event you get pulled over by a police officer. You should always carry a form of identification.

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But there are some things you simply shouldn't carry in your wallet at all times.

Identity theft is a huge problem in Pennsylvania.

"Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of people suffer every year!"


No, but seriously - it is a pretty big problem in Pennsylvania. in 2022, Pennsylvania ranked the 7th highest in the U.S. for identity theft, which was an increase of 315% over the last decade, according to a ConsumerAffairs report. 

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Let's not make it easy for thieves and scammers to get the best of you, your identity and your finances.

If you're carrying any of these items in your wallet, take them out as soon as possible!

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