Falls Township, PA is offering free bulk disposal for one day this month.

On Saturday April 20th the township wants to help you get rid of your junk at no cost to you.

According to patch.com, the disposal is open to residents of Falls Township and Tullytown Borough from 7a-11a at GROWS landfill at 1000 New Ford Mill Rd. in Falls.

I love spring cleaning ... not just because I'm a neat freak, but a fresh clean home just feels super refreshing. I think this is pretty cool because spring cleaning obviously brings a ton of yearly junk, so this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of your bulk of junk all in one day.

Here is the list of items they are accepting listed by patch.com ...

  • Liquids, oils or paint
  • car batteries
  • propane tanks or gas cylinders
  • hazardous household waste
  • tires
  • chemicals, pesticides and spray cans
  • Refrigerators, air conditioners or freezers
  • Electronics, including TVs, computers, stereos
  • Items that operate on batteries

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