It is no secret that Wawa is undoubtedly one of the best things to ever happen to this area. Many of us use Wawa for several things; gas, food, but especially coffee. There are many times where I would say to myself, “wow I wish Wawa had a drive-thru.”It would surely save me so much time but also would really help when it's 30 degrees and I don’t want to get out of my warm car. I am so happy to say that it is finally happening!

According to, the first-ever drive-thru only Wawa construction has been started today, September 15th, in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. The new location will be placed at the corner of West Trenton Avenue and Pine Grove Road.

A little earlier this year it was confirmed that there would not only be a drive-thru Wawa in Burlington, New Jersey, but also a drive-thru only Wawa in Bucks County. We were not given an exact date of when construction would start, but it looks as if they were right about the general timing. The team hopes to have all construction done by December.

This location would work like any drive-thru restaurant would. One employee at the window will take your order and another employee will go get the items requested. If the line starts to get too long they will have you pull over and wait for your order there. 

My only concern about this is some items being out of stock, such as a TastyKake Krimpet or a pretzel. Will there be employees regularly updating the store’s inventory? 

Though I’m not entirely sure of how any of this would work, I will say that I am super excited about this new store and the future of Wawa!

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