The Patch reported Fedora Cafe in Lawrenceville is stepping it up and helping out their community. They have partnered with Share My Meals to distribute meals to hungry families in our area. Share My Meals wants to stomp out hunger in the Princeton area and already have four other restaurants in our area who are involved. Fedora Cafe in Lawrenceville is the latest to join in on the cause. Lawrenceville residents can receive three meals a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They do expect that many families will sign up and Fedora Cafe is looking for volunteers to help deliver those meals. If you're interested in signing up to volunteer, apply here. If your family or someone you know needs help putting meals in the table for their family. Please reach out to Share My Meals and let's make sure the people in our area are getting fed.

As a mom, something that makes me terribly upset is thinking about families that aren't able to feed their children. It's heartbreaking to know that there are kids right here in our area that are going to bed with empty tummies. I know it's not just kids that suffer, but adults too. Sometimes the income that is coming in is only enough to pay bills and there's not a whole lot left over to feed an entire family three meals a day, plus snacks. I know this was a growing concern when schools closed down as well, because some families relied on the meals their kids get a school and because schools were closed, they weren't getting those meals. Thankfully school districts all realized what was happening to these kids and began distributing food. I know this helped out a lot of families. To Fedora Cafe in Lawrenceville, I say BRAVO! Way to step it up and help out your community. It's businesses like you that make my heart happy.

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