The long wait is over!

As of yesterday, May 8th, shooting for the movie "The Many Saints of Newark, began! This movie is the prequel to the Sopranos. Yesterday was the start of many months of shooting that will happen throughout the Garden State.

Just this week alone, the main areas the cast and crew spent their time was at  Branford Place, between Newark's Broad Street and Washington Street. Also if you remember last month, the production company released a casting call for New Jersey to be extras in this film. Nearly 200 people were selected to be apart. So if you see a large angry mob sometime over the next few months somewhere in Jersey, you know why.

They're using many extras who were cast locally, and they're hiring local residents as production assistants," said executive director of the New Jersey Motion Picture & Television Commission, Steven Gorelick . "Most  importantly to us, since we're an agency of economic development in the city they're spending millions of dollars while they're here."

Given the fact that New Jersey practically eats, breaths and sleeps the show "Sopranos", this is an exciting time for the state.

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