One thing we know a good deal about in New Jersey: a good sandwich.

With no shortage of local, generational delis with fresh, premium ingredients, how could we not? Whether you have a taste for club sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, Italian hoagies, meatball subs with bubbling cheese, fried chicken sandwiches, cheesesteaks & chickensteaks with fried onions and mushrooms, or nice juicy burgers, you're absolutely sure to find a darn good one in New Jersey.

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That being said, taking on the task of ranking the BEST sandwiches in New Jersey, is one I both envy and shy away from. There are SO many amazing sanwiches to choose from!

Well Peter Genovese of, did take on the delicious task, with a list of "Jersey's 25 Greatest Sandwiches, Ranked"

It goes without saying, all of these are 25 sandwiches, are GREAT options for an excellent sandwich... But which sandwich is number 1, and where can you get it here in the Garden State?

For the #1, Best, sandwich in New Jersey, we're going to Hoboken!

Congrats to Fiore's House of Quality! They're located at 414 Adams St #2693 Hoboken, NJ. 

The sandwich in question? Their Roast Beef and Mozzarella sandwich. I wouldn't look at this picture on an empty stomach if I were you...

It's made with fresh bread, roast beef, brown gravy, fresh mozz, with hot cherry peppers and roasted red peppers on top.

The only downside to this sandwich? It's only available Thursdays and Saturdays, so you better make a plan to get one!

Fiore's doesn't have an official website, but you can follow them on their Instagram or Facebook page, or give them a call at (201) 659-1655.

Have you ever been to Fiore's? Give us your verdict, and tell us where you love to get your sandwiches from in Jersey!

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