Oh look! Yet another thing we have to beware of here in the state of Pennsylvania. A few weeks ago officials told us that "Zombie Deer Disease" was on the rise in our state. Then it was the cicadas that took over. And now we are being told to watch out for a very poisonous plant that is extremely toxic to both humans and animals.

This plant is called the Poison hemlock. According to King County, it is a toxic biennial plant that sort of resemble carrot plants. Patch is warning residents that this plant is basically invading Pennsylvania.

I personally have never heard of a poison hemlock and wouldn't know how to spot one even if I tried. Apparently, their stems have purple spots on them and their leaves are bright green. You are most likely to see them when your driving down the backroads, in vacant parking lots and in open wet fields.

Believe it or not, people mistake the Poison Hemlock all the time for carrot plants. Then 20 minutes later when being rushed to the ER is when they realize their mishap.

According to King County, not only is this plant super toxic to eat, but it is extremely harmful to your skin and respiratory system. Accidently eat or touch one of those bad boys and you can end up with symptoms ranging from severe dizziness to even death.

I have super bad luck with poison Ivy. I was the kid that always ended up with rashes and scars after running through the woods with barely any clothes on. I even have a poison ivy scar on my chin from literally 15 years ago that haunts me every day. To hear that this poison Hemlock plant is in full bloom in our area is scary given the fact that I live right behind a forest.

My advice for anyone who like trails and hikes or walks their dogs near wooded areas....put on some extra clothing and maybe even some gloves. Stay safe!



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