Food shopping near the Jersey Shore is about to get wild.

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Now, when I food shop I like to take my time, look around the store, especially in the fresh meat and seafood section, and see if there's anything really good I want to snag.

I enjoy walking through the produce section and just kind of taking my time.

My wife hates that.

With the addition of a new food store that's never been near the Jersey Shore before making its way to Eatontown, I don't see my shopping habit changing.

This new store, according to an article on is primarily found in Brazil and Mexico, but they have a pretty serious online business as well.

The store specializes in meats that you wouldn't normally find in stores. reports that they offer bison, venison even alligator meat.

I had to go onto the store's website just to make sure I read that right and low and behold they have a tab for 'specialty meats' and in addition to alligator meat, they also sell ostrich meat.

I had alligator once before in New Orleans, tasted like chicken, to be honest.

So, What's This New Food Store Coming To The Jersey Shore?

They have roughly 30 locations in the USA right now, one of those locations in Cherry Hill New Jersey according to

Get ready to welcome Wildfork to Eatontown New Jersey

I'd consider this chain to be one of a kind just based off of all the different exotic meats you can purchase and have delivered to your home!

Where Will Wildfork Be Located?

You'll be able to find the new store at the Circle Place shopping center off 35 in Eatontown.

At this time does not offer a grand opening date, but I am really excited about this store.

Does Wildfork deliver?

Yes! According to their website they have a few options.

You can do same-day pick up if there's a store near you or they'll ship pretty much anywhere.

It seems similar to Omaha Steaks, they package your order into a dry ice cooler that keeps your food fresh even if it's 104 degrees outside.

I love checking out new food stores, and this one will be on my list to drive out to and see for myself.

Just look at that tomahawk, I'll take two, please!

I'm not amazing at it, but I love cooking, and smoking meat and I could only imagine how interesting it would be to smoke Alligator one Sunday while the Seahawks play.

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