NBA legend, Partick Ewing has posted his NJ home up for rent.

I've honestly heard nightmare stories of huge athletes and celebrities not being able to sell there MTV Crib styled homes on the market.

Just like Michael Jordan, Ewing was having a tough time selling his NJ mansion over the past few years. Honestly, these homes are just unpractical and are way to costly for anyone to jump at the opportunity to buy it.

Seriously, who can afford it?!

The former pro-athlete had bought his home for about $6 million back in 2007 according to, with no one jumping at his offers to sell his home for $7 million in 2015, he slashed the price numerous times before resorting to a rental option.

So if you just so happen to have a cool $25,000 to blow a month you could now have the chance to rent the hall-of-famer's crib.


The home of course is decked out. I'm talking 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, home theater, basketball court, elevator (omg so extra) and with a private location in Bergen County, it's a super easy commute to NYC.

Fun fact: Patrick Ewing actually went to my grade school and high school (of course years before I attended) and my 6th grade science teacher told us that he was so big then that he couldn't sit at a regular desk and he had to sit at a teachers desk.

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