If you're not a fan of warmer weather, we have bad news. The Weather Channel and the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) are both predicting a very hot summer in the Northeast.

So let's break it down in simple terms. What does this mean for our area? Yeah, we're in for warmer than usual weather this summer.

The good news? Well, the Weather Channel says June won't be too bad as temperatures will be "near or slightly above average" that month, but "the hotter-than-average conditions in the East are expected to shift toward the Northeast" in July and they will last through August.

The Weather Channel says we can blame El Nino. They predict that there's a 65% chance that an El Nino pattern will develop in time for the summer.

In fact, the Climate Prediction Center says there's a greater than 50% chance we'll see temperatures above normal across our area this summer.

If you're looking for relief this summer, you'll want to head to Chicago or midwest in general.

"El Niño summers suggest cooler risks across the northern/central Plains with warmth favored across the Pacific Northwest," Dr. Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist at The Weather Company said.

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