Along with receiving good news that he would be receiving the contract he wanted from the Patriots, Bennett had felony charges pressed against him in Texas following the Super Bowl dropped. Bennett was accused of injuring an elderly paraplegic woman on February 5, after Super Bowl LI.

According to the court’s records, motions to dismiss the case were made after coming to the conclusion that there was probable cause, but the allegations could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt at this moment in time.

Bennett’s legal troubles have hungover his head for over a year now, and have finally come to an end shortly after the Eagles making the decision to trade him. The Houston Chronicle posted a statement from Vivian King, the chief of staff for Harris County DA Kim Ogg, which stated:

"After looking at all the evidence and applying the law, a crime could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. There was probable cause to warrant a charge initially, but after a careful review of all the pre-charge and post-charge evidence, we cannot prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt."

The outcomes of this seemed predictable to many, despite the harsh words shared by Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, whose critical statements about Bennett showed that he was prepared and planned to make an example out of the high profile NFL player. Bennett spent one year on the Eagles, the entire time with this crime hanging over his head. It is now, with his name cleared, that Philadelphia fans must watch the player move on to of one of Philly’s top competitors in the league.

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