It’s happened again!

The famous Frank Sinatra house in Point Pleasant, New Jersey is for sale once again. I grew up walking past this house and it always brought me so much joy. It truly is Point Pleasant, New Jersey’s hidden gem and it's such a great spot to stop by when you visit town.

If you aren’t familiar with the famous attraction, there’s a house located towards the end of the boardwalk that plays Frank Sinatra music on speakers in the front yard. The tradition started years ago by former Sony Music Distribution chairman, Paul Smith.

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He was a huge Frank Sinatra fan, so he would play Frank’s music all night long on his outdoor speakers so all of the people passing by could listen to the sweet sound of Jersey’s own, Frank Sinatra.

If you’re in the area this summer and want to check it out, you can access the house from nearly any point along Ocean Ave, but more specifically if you access the boardwalk from the ramp on Water Street according to Atlas Obscura.

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The Frank Sinatra House in Point Pleasant, New Jersey Is Once Again For Sale

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It was last put up for sale in August of 2023 and was bought pretty quickly after. Now, it’s back on the market and looking for its rightful owner who will carry on this Point Pleasant, New Jersey tradition for beachgoers to enjoy.

The house is an 8 bedroom, 4 bathroom home that’s located right on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant. When it was last put up for sale, it was selling for $3.3 million, but it is currently listed at $2.9 million.

Take a look inside the historic house for sale in Point Pleasant, New Jersey!

Look Inside The Frank Sinatra House in Point Pleasant, NJ

The tourist attraction has been put on the market and could be yours for $3.3 million!

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