Summer is finally just about here and it’s time to visit all of your favorite summer spots that you’ve been dying to get to for the last year.

I love a nice day trip or even a weekend getaway to the Jersey Shore and Point Pleasant Beach is for sure always on my radar.

There’s just so much to do there for all age groups and I have a hidden gem for you to check out that some of you may not know about.


Of course, there’s the entire section of the boardwalk that’s stacked with rides that are usually super crowded, but there’s a small hidden gem on the other side of the boardwalk that is always a necessary stop during my trips down there.

At the complete opposite end of the boardwalk from the arcade and rides, there’s a house that is dedicated to New Jersey native Frank Sinatra that is always worth taking a stroll by.

Frank Sinatra is a legend and Jersey, of course, has a quaint tribute for him along the Point Pleasant Boardwalk.


There is a beachfront house that resides right on the boardwalk that has a speaker which plays Sinatra’s music constantly for people who are looking to take a quiet nightly stroll down the boards after a long day of drinking, eating, sunbathing, and riding rides.

The house has been around for as long as I can remember and it was always a priority during our weekend getaways down the shore.

If you’re looking to check out the cute tribute to Sinatra and his music, the house can be found at 71-99 Water St., Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey.

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