Philadelphia’s very own leisure time education funhouse Franklin Institute will be pairing up with everyone’s favorite crayon company Crayola for a new exhibit called “Crayola IDEAworks: The Creativity Exhibition.” IDEAworks hopes to look further into the ideas of problem-solving.

Producer of the exhibit, Clayton Ferguson, stated, “This is very much about a concept is that you, the guests, are creative, and you make thousands of creative decisions every single day. We want to empower you to understand the steps to go through that process. So you’re equipped to then walk into a very deep creative experience.”

Clayton Ferguson is from a firm known as Agency808 which is known for constructing “experiences” and Agency808 will be assisting the Crayola-Franklin Institute in bringing this idea off the ground.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, you will apparently be getting a wristband that you can interact with throughout the exhibit creating a unique experience for each visitor. You will pass through different stations during your visit where you will solve a problem that you identify and then solve it. Certain stations from test visits involve using an octopus, a broom and a motorcycle to clean the beach as well as another station where you can build a chair to hold your own weight.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the second part of the exhibit, known as the “Colorverse” where you can explore such fantastical landscapes as the City of Crayopolis, Seabase and Mars Colony, the latter of which you simply figure out how to survive on the uninhabited planet.

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