The 'Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes' exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia has been extended.

The exhibit has been so successful for the museum that they've decided to extend it for a week and a half longer then the original closing date.

The Marvel exhibit is actually the museum's second most popular summer exhibit ever according to, ranking in right behind the Franklin Institute's 'King Tut' exhibit which was on display back in 2007.

The new closing date for 'Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes' will now be Wednesday September 11th.

The exhibit was expected to do phenomenally "after a record-breaking pre-sale of 40,000 tickets," says

I still haven't gotten a chance to see it, but I'm dying to. I heard it's very cool to see for Marvel fans.

Tickets will run you between $15 - $35. But clearly the popularity of the exhibit speaks for the ticket price.




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