UPDATE: The mystery has been solved. The rock that was believed to be from outer space was tested by a chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. News 12 New Jersey reports that the results revealed that it was just a big lump of coal.

You can see more on this in the video below and get the full update here.

ORIGINAL: Was A Meteorite Found At The Jersey Shore? : Two sisters, Nora, and Jean Muchanic, found a mysterious rock on a beach in Tom River last week, and they believe it's from outer space.

According to NJ.com, they found the rock in a five-foot-wide hole that resembled a crater in the sand of Silver Beach. The mystery rock was described as a dark rock that smelled burnt. You can see pictures of it below.

The sisters looked for answers on the internet and took to social media for help. Friends of the Muchanic sisters commented and guessed that the rock could be an old piece of asphalt, remnants of a beach bonfire, or waste from an airplane. While others did agree with them and think it truly is a rock from outer space.

A physics professor at Stockton University, Joseph Trout, has stated that meteorites are very rare to find. He also wrote that when one is “found it is usually a handful of pebble to fist size pieces. They consist of iron, stone, or iron and stone.” He has not examined the rock in question, but thinks that it is not one from taking a look at the pictures of it. He believes that the rock would have been heavier to hold.

The sisters are determined to get answers and will take it to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to be analyzed soon.

By the way, if the woman at the center of the story looks familiar, that's because Nora Muchanic used to work as a reporter at 6 ABC. To read the more on this go here.


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