Hamilton Township landmark, Fred & Pete's Deli & Luncheonette, in the Mercerville Shopping Center, on Route 33 is closing it's doors for good soon. It will only be open for a few more weeks. Ugh. Where am I going to get good potato salad?

I was so sad to read this news while scrolling on Facebook last night. In the "Trenton Memory Lane" Public Group, a member stated that she was told by an employee while visiting the deli recently that the longtime deli would be closing permanently on March 31st. The end of an era. Readers commented with disbelief, knowing Hamilton Township wouldn't be the same without the popular spot.

Last May, Community News reported that the iconic deli was up for sale. The article said the owner since 1963, Tom Armenti, had been thinking about retiring for some time. Well, I guess that time has come.

I love small hometown businesses like Fred & Pete's Deli...there's a friendly, local vibe. You're treated like family, and feel like you're being served right out of their home kitchen. If you know Fred & Pete's you know about the men's club, right? The group of older gentleman who gather outside to sit and chat everyday. I smile every time I see them. They even kept meeting, socially distanced from each other, after the deli closed temporarily back in March, because of the pandemic. I wonder what they'll do now.

No word on what will become of Fred & Pete's. I hope it doesn't sit vacant, like so many other retail spaces right now, because of the pandemic. We'll have to wait and see.


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