It's the end of an era. The once-popular West Trenton restaurant, Freddie's Tavern, has closed it's doors (after 86 years). The tavern's owner, however, says it may re-open again... someday, according to Community News.

Freddie's has been under the ownership of Bud Patel for more than 3 years now (he bought it from the original owner, Freddie Urbano Jr., in December 2015).

Patel had originally planned to close the restaurant temporarily for renovations, but he ultimately changed his mind. Patel announced that he'd be closing the business for good. He wants to focus his energy on redeveloping the property, and he hopes to spend more time with his wife and their two small sons.

“After discussing with my managers and other industry professionals, I made the tough decision to close down. I have been working on a redevelopment project for more than two years now, and I would really like to move forward with that plan," Patel said on Facebook, via Community News. "The new project does include the restaurant, which will be completely modern and up to the standards that are required to survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace."

Patel went on to say that he wants to be ahead of the game as developments grow in the West Ewing and Trenton area.

"I know that may sound a bit selfish, but I have been working nonstop for about 15 years straight now. I am very fortunate to be in a position where I am able to take it easy now, and that is exactly what I have chosen to do. I have two very young boys and a beautiful wife, and I have decided to put them first for essentially the first time in my life," Patel shared on Facebook, Community News reported.

I 've also heard from local friends that Freddie's wasn't quite the same since the takeover (especially the food), leading to fewer customers.

It's a shame to see a local staple close down after so many years. Freddie's Tavern was located at 12 Railroad Avenue in West Trenton.

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