The Smith Family Foundation is having an event on August 6th for recent Mercer County high school graduates. The event will be held at 471 Parkway Ave in Trenton from 11am- 1pm. During the event, high school graduates from Mercer County will receive a college freshman care package.

You must register for this event and bring along your college acceptance letter or email it ahead of the event. Register for this awesome event here. For more info, please check out this Facebook post or their event page. You must register by August 1st.

You can also email or reach out to the Smith Family Foundation of New Jersey by calling 609-888-6300 ext.107.

I'll never forget my high school graduation. It's a day you think will never come and then it happens and you're "out in the real world." That was a completely scary thought for me. I know many high school seniors struggle with the anxiety of moving on to the next step.

For me, I was friends with a lot of smart and wonderful people and most of them were going to universities and I was going to community college, so I felt left out. Then, once I got to community college and I realized it was a fantastic place and it was where I belonged, I loved it so much.

College can be a scary transition for many and what the Smith Family Foundation is doing can be very comforting to high school students who just graduated. Kudos to this wonderful program.

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