Today is the first day of summer...YAY...and to celebrate, you can grab yourself a free Dairy Queen ice cream cone, according to Fox 29 (Friday, June 21st only).  It's their "First Day of Summer Celebration."

Like my partner Dave says, there's always a catch, but, this is a relatively small catch. In order to get the free cone, you have to buy something else. No big deal. Think of it as a BOGO deal. Still not a bad deal. 

Another little catch, you can only take advantage of the free ice cream cone offer if you have Dairy Queen's mobile app. No biggie, you probably already have it downloaded. If not, download it now, it won't take long, and then, you'll have access to the coupon for the free cone, today only (June 21st). You'll only be able to use it once though, btw.

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