Stop what you're doing and listen to me. You can get a FREE dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme this Friday (July 17th), according to the company's website. Yup, I knew you'd like this news.

There always seems to be a cool promotion going on at Krispy Kreme, and this week is no different. You may have heard The Crew talking about this during The Scoop this morning that in honor of the doughnut chain's 83rd birthday, you can get a free dozen doughnuts this Friday. It will be a free dozen of their amazing glazed doughnuts.

Whenever I talk about a free offer Dave always says, "There has to be a catch." Well, he's right, but, you won't mind this one. In order to get your free dozen glazed doughnuts, you have to buy a dozen doughnuts first. Hmmm, let's see, so I can get 2 dozen donuts, and one dozen is free? I'll take it. You can share with your family and friends, or nobody's blaming you for keeping all 24 doughnuts yourself. Lol. You may not want to eat all 24 at once though, although, it's tempting.

You can order online here.

The Krispy Kreme location nearest us is on Street Road in Bensalem, PA. The address is 1729 Street Road, Bensalem, PA, incase you need to pop it in Waze. It's open until 9:30pm. There's also one on Hadden Avenue in Collingswood, NJ. That one is open until 10pm.

My mouth is watering already. Enjoy.

*Remember this offer is for this Friday, July 17th, only and can't be combined with any other offers.

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