Duck Donuts in Levittown is extending Halloween fun by giving away free Halloween donuts all day long today, according to Facebook.
Yes, you heard me right. Today only (Monday, November 2nd), from 7am until 7pm, all kids 12 and under will get ONE free Halloween donut when they visit the Levittown location only, in full costume. They're calling it, "Duck in and Treat." What a cute idea, isn't it?
If you and your kids love Halloween and don't want the fun to end, this is a great way to keep celebrating....or if you just love Duck Donuts (who doesn't?), put a costume on your kid and go. Lol.
I love their post saying they "DONUT" want Halloween to end. See what they did there? DONUT, get it? Lol. If you didn't get your normal stash of Halloween candy this year because traditional trick or treating was discouraged in many places, a free, absolutely delicious donut could make up for that.
Duck Donuts in Levittown just want to see your kids happy. They get that this year has a been a tough one, especially for kids, whose quality of life has truly been affected.  So, their dedicated employees got up extra early this morning to prepare for all the costumed visitors today (remember, this is for kids 12 and under). They're assuring everyone this will be a safe process. They've individually bagged all of the donuts, so you won't have to worry about little hands touching all the donuts while trying to decide which one they want.
You're probably wondering if there are any restrictions. Here's the deal. This offer is valid at the Duck Donuts in Levittown, PA, only. You don't have to buy anything to get the free donut for your child, but, let's face it, you probably won't be able to resist one for yourself. Lol. It's only ONE donut per child. All children must be accompanied by an adult. They really want you to bring you child in costume, but, they don't have to be.
Duck Donuts is in The Langhorne Square Shopping Center, 1411 Lincoln Highway, Levittown.

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