If you've ever been to Peddler's Village, you know it has a very quaint feel to it. To me, it feels like you're in colonial times when you visit there. It's the perfect setting for a Fourth of July celebration.

To celebrate the Fourth of July, Peddler's Village is having a free Red, White and Blue BBQ Bash. This event will take place on July 3rd and 4th, from 12pm- 5pm both days. Their website and Facebook page both say, there will be lots of food, live entertainment, and activities for the entire family. Kids are welcome.

For more information about this event, please reach out to Peddler's Village at 215-794-4000 or visit their website or Facebook page.


I feel that this Fourth of July will be even better than last year was. Last year, we were able the gather with a small group of family members and I made sure everything was as COVID friendly as possible.Since we did not receive our vaccines until March of this year, we were very cautious.

This year, everyone that will be coming to my Dad's house for a Fourth of July party, is vaccinated and we are so happy to be together again, but we're even happier to gather with peace of mind due tot he vaccinations we've all received.

The shore town where my Dad lives is also going to be having a parade, so that is something I am super excited to see come back. It'll be my son's first parade and I know he'll be super excited to see everything that is happening. My wish is for everyone to enjoy the Fourth of July this year and hope everyone stays safe too. I hate this pandemic and never want to see it's ugly face again.

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