I'm sure that if you are planning a trip that requires you to fly, you've looked at numerous travel sites and have done a bunch of research on when the best dates are to book your flight. It can be exhausting, however, if you get a good deal, it's all worth it. Whenever you find a good deal, I'm sure you share it with your friends, right? Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do here.

According to The Patch, Frontier Airlines, is celebrating Trenton- Mercer Airport's 90th anniversary with a sweet sale on flights to many popular destinations. Flights will be $90 for one day only, which is today, and you must go somewhere by December 18th. Fine by me, I've been wanting to get away. Where will you be going? Well, there are 15 destinations to choose from including Nashville and Orlando.

Get on this deal and book today before it expires! For more info on this awesome deal, click here.

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