Local neighbors in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania were growing tired of a pothole in their neighborhood going unaddressed by city officials. After weeks of the pothole growing bigger and bigger with no repair, they had a creative way of addressing the situation. They actually decided to plant a Christmas tree in the pothole.

Wilkes-Barre Residents While Planting The Tree: 

This petty, yet effective move had been the answer to their problem after all. Local officials have put a temporary metal slab over the hole, and they plan to fully repair the pothole this week.

I think this teaches us a valuable life lesson, that addressing only our surface issues is the most effective way of addressing the "root" cause of our problems.

Well, I wouldn't take that advice seriously. But, it did happen to work here...

When asked why the situation wasn't resolved sooner, officials told 6abc that the paving company was backed up with other jobs. Sounds like the perfect excuse to me.

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