This adorable, beloved celebrity just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

Loyal radio listener Jeanne from Brick has heard us talk all about how adorable, sweet, kind, respectful, and down-to-earth Gaten Matarazzo is....and how he chose to bus tables at his family's restaurant during Covid-19! (Gaten has always wanted to have a 'normal' childhood despite stardom, choosing to finish high school and attend Prom.)

So Jeanne, whose daughter Olivia had to miss being able to use the birthday tickets she received to attend StrangerCon, came up with an inspiring idea to reach out to Gaten's family so that her daughter's birthday might be saved.

And, miraculously, Gaten's family responded. So Jeanne found herself on the road with her kids to the pizza place in south Jersey that is owned by the Matarazzo family. Even when they sat down to eat, Olivia had absolutely no clue what was about to happen....and that's when Gaten walked out and sat right on down with the family to meet this lucky girl! (Making Jeanne the coolest mom on the planet for pulling this off!)

(Mom Jeanne with Gaten Matarazzo)
(Mom Jeanne with Gaten Matarazzo)

They say he couldn't have been nicer, took pictures with every family member, and that it was a moment they will never forget. The Matarazzo family, says Jeanne, went out of their way for Olivia. And, by the way, they say the food at Matarazzo's Pizzaria and Restaurant was incredible.

This is a truly inspiring story of a mom's love, a fan-girl moment, and an actor with a big heart and absolutely no ego who was happy to make someone's day.

And I already thought I loved Gaten, but now I REALLY love this 18-year old superstar -- and his family for raising him right!

P.S. If you have been hiding under a rock and don't happen to know who Gaten Matarazzo is (other than from the Verizon Fios commercials that ran for a pretty long time) he began his career on the Broadway stage in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Les Mis before going on to star as Dustin Henderson in the Netflix science-fiction-horror drama Stranger Things. His hometown is Little Egg Harbor.


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