I bet you don't know that so many restaurants offer deals just for doing something simple. Sometimes it's just signing up for their rewards program or maybe participating a temporary promotion, if you're looking to score deals, sometimes it's worth it. Case in point, Chipotle Mexican Grill. It's expensive, yet very trendy. So whenever a deal comes up for them, I know people are all over it.

According to Delish, if you go to Chipotle on Halloween in costume, you'll be able to get a $4 burrito or a boorito as Chipotle is calling it. That's a sweet deal considering a burrito at Chipotle usually costs like $10.

So grab a Halloween costume and head over to your local Chipotle and grab your $4 burrito. I mean, come on, if you buy a Halloween costume for a party, you're only wearing it once, so wear it again at Chipotle.

*As always, it's smart to check your local Chipotle to see if they are participating in this promotion.*

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