We get it, guac is extra, just put it on there.

You're not going to be annoyed by the question that you're asked every time, "Guac is extra, is that okay?" Very soon you might be able to get some guac and chips for free. Chipotle has been testing out a new rewards program that will be hooking you up with some free chips and guac. Not only that but they also may be adding some money to your Venmo account . . . for free!

According to USAtoday.com, you will not have to spend a dime to be a part of Chipotle Rewards and you will have a chance at Venmo cash up to $500 dollars.

Chipotle is ready to giveaway an overall amount of $250,000. USAtoday reported that this will be going on until March 15th. Don't miss your chance to get some of that money back since Chipotle isn't  all that cheap.

ChipotleRewardMe.com is the site to register at.  You can possibly be one of the 25,000 people that is getting some free money on your Venmo account.

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