Want to be an Olympian? No, you don't have to sprint through an 800 meter run or jump on a bobsled, you just have to drink beer. Lol.

Get ready for the 2nd Annual Beer Olympics at the Trenton Thunder Ballpark. It's happening on October 1st from Noon - 4pm.

Bring all of your friends. This sounds like it's going to be a crazy good time.

Of course, you have to 21 years old and over to drink the beer but, there's also going to be music, food, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and other fun things to do.

Even if you don't drink, being a spectator during Beer Olympics will be a blast.

Here's how you get in on the action. Get a team of 4 together, figure out who is going to be your team captain, give the team a name (The  Chuggers comes to mind. Lol), and register by clicking HERE. Each team costs $180 or $45 for each member of the team.

Your ticket includes two drink tickets and a welcome bag.

When you get to the ballpark you'll get a wristband and then the fun begins.

The registered teams will compete in a bunch of fun games...think backyard, silly games. There's going to be a Keg Race, Stein Holding, Relay Races, a Stein and Straw Chug and more.

You've got to go check it out. Spectator tickets are only $5.

Some of the breweries participating and sponsoring Beer Olympics are Kings Road Brewing, Spellbound Brewing, 'Bout the Hops Brewing, Third State Brewing and Old Hights Brewing.

For more information and to register you Beer Olympics team, click HERE.

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