It is such a bummer that we can't go to any sporting events because of the pandemic. The positive side to all of this is that at least we can watch some sort of sporting event on TV and finally have something else to watch. I am extremely tired of watching movies on Netflix.

Speaking of not being able to attend sporting events, things are a little confusing with that. Some places have mentioned that there will not be fans at the actual games but according to, Giants, Jets, and Rutgers University will have some limited attendance.

We learned from that the NFL teams NY Giants and Jets will have a 500 person outdoor gathering limit. It is a little confusing because what is really considered to be an outdoor gathering in this situation? Is it a tailgate or people attending the actual football game? From the looks of it, the home games at MetLife Stadium will not have fans in attendance.

Rutgers University fans might be a little bummed out also because there will be a limited amount of attendance at the football games this fall season. Well, that is if they actually play. We learned from that Rutgers University will allow up to 500 people to attend the homes games. Players, coaches, staff members, and players' immediate family members will be counted as part of the 500 attendance limit.

The funniest thing about professional sports being played with empty stadiums is that TV networks and the actual stadiums are playing crowd noise to make up for the quiet stadiums.  The sounds effect makes it seem like they actually have a crowd.

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